about us

We are Singer & Simpson Productions. It is our mission to provide our community with outstanding and memorable musical experiences. We sincerely believe Live Music is Best! We hope that when you see, “Another Singer & Simpson Production” on an upcoming event, it will signify quality and excellent entertainment. Please join us for great live music.

Miriam Singer and John Simpson



John Simpson
February 26, 1951 - May 21, 2022  



John Simpson was a good man with a generous heart who loved uplifting his community of friends with great music. He was a happy man who relished life’s pleasures and thoroughly enjoyed being entertained. John had a clever sense of humor and sparkled when you got his joke. He could sing and loved to, especially if an audience was enjoying it.

John loved people. No matter where he was, preferably at a quiet and elegant bar somewhere, he would engage someone in conversation. It might be the bartender, or the person sitting next to him or someone with a friendly face. I was amazed at his ability to make connections with strangers and charm them with his gift for gab.

His sense of timing was a talent. He could manage a tv remote to click on a movie right at his favorite part…or find the highlight of a music performance we didn’t even know was on. He could sense when it was time to call someone, or to do something. He could feel it.

Singer & Simpson Productions was his idea. Create a business. Hire musicians and let them shine, and give everyone an enjoyable experience. Music heals by going right to the heart. It works. I’ve been there.

This music business all started with John creating a party to celebrate my birthday. He called a restaurant in Seattle and encouraged them to hire me to sing and play piano with my band. He told them to pay whatever they could, and he’d make up the difference. He bought me a new dress. Actually, he came home with six dresses and I got to choose. It was one of the best nights of my life. The only one who might have enjoyed it even more was John who loved being there with everyone watching me having a great time.

Singer & Simpson Productions will go on. With the help of anyone willing, John’s musical ideas will continue to be realized. Hopefully there will be a scholarship fund for gifted young talent, and performance opportunity. There will still be intimate piano performances.

Long live live music!

Miriam Singer